Journal 6

Prompt 3

I want you to kiss me the way you did that late summer night.

I want you to hold me close as if i was in pieces.

I want you to look at me the way you use to.

I want to talk to you till i can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

I want to feel your hand move softly around my face.

I want to mean something to you again.

I want you to miss me like i miss you.

Journal 5

This is the world we wanted.

No one remembers.

Nights i turn to you

to hold me.

But you are not there.

Ami alone?

We must not say so.

If he had a hundred years

and more.

This is not for tears;


Nobody is ever missing.


Louis Gluck

John Berryman

Journal 4

The cows stand under the trees

in the wet grass,

lifting their necks

to pull down leaves.

We slow the truck,

pull over

to the side of the road

to watch them.

How graceful they look,

how unlike themselves.

We get out

and lean on the fence.

The cows don’t seem to notice

we are there.


I broke this poem up in to short simple lines to slow down how the poem is read. The diction was extremely simple which went along with the simplicity of the concept of the poem. When i think of cows i think of slow moving animals which is why i wanted the poem to be read slow. By breaking the lines i put emphasis on events leading up to the cows.

Journal 3

Just like that you were gone,

taken by the idea of loving someone new.

Even if it meat ripping my heart in two.

As if i ran into a brick wall,

that was you.

You flicked at my bruises.

My tears glistened liked the sun.

My heart ached a million tunes.

From the thought of losing you.

Version two

Just like that you were gone

Engulfed in the idea of loving someone new.

Even if it meant suffering.

As if I’ve completely shut down.

You made my heartbreak

but that made me who i am.

My frown as deep as the ocean blue.

From the thought of losing you.




Journal 2

I’d like to go back to Wrightsville.

The crack of the waves hitting the sand.

Oh and having to be rescued by a lifeguard.

The ocean takes up 71% of the earth.

As busy as a bee,

Working to the bone.

Who knew?

My coach made me feel better.

I want you back

Humans can fly.

My dogs fur rubbed against my leg.

The peaches were amazing!

Her outfit was so sus i couldn’t believe it.

The numbers involved in the equation were very complex.

I’m extremely lazy and do nothing.

Do you find writing to be hard?

The cars engine rumbled.

My sister Kyle is one of my favorite people.

Kisses are the flowers of love in bloom.

I can’t stop loving you.

It makes my heart hurt.

I would like some chips, coke, and cookies.

I loved him as much as i love  Harry Styles.

Harry’s eyes glistened green.

Do not give up.


Journal 1

Taste: Chocolate, cookies, coke, pumpkin, coffee, caramel, chicken, strawberries, pineapple, arugula, peaches, water, vanilla, cinnamon, iron

Touch: Fur, grit, snow, cotton, silk, moist, pages, pebbles, drafty, satin, grass, smooth, luxurious, airy, nylon

Smell:Cookies, home,vanilla, sea salt, sweat, cleats, dogs, coconut, tulips, detergent, pine, garlic, roses, pasta, onions

Hearing: Coaches, team, wind, dad , mom, teachers, waves, crying, laughter, screaming, roommate, tv, doors, music, sam

Sight: Turf, lacrosse stick, cleats, mouth guard, helmet, ocean, Bethany beach, family, room, dogs, roommate, team, home ,cousins, coaches

Action/motion: Strut, run, sprint, Dalaney, ride, help, call, think, stop, go

Abstract: Love, hate, hope

Anything else: Elizabeth, Roger, acquainted, peculiar, paris, books, beach

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